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Earthmate Geosynthetics has been established to provide dedicatedly the world class technical solutions in the area of geosynthetics applications. Earthmate Geosynthetics is the leading manufacturer and supplier which was registered and incorporated by CCG.

Our Mission is to design and develop advanced solutions aimed at solving problems related to erosion control, soil stabilization, environment conservation and construction in infrastructure projects in application sectors of roads, railways, rivers, channels, landfills, coastal protection & civil construction. 

We progress:

high-quality polyester, polyvinylalcohol and polypropylene base

We use:

top weaving technology and other advanced technologies

We have:

long experience in manufacturing of first – class technical textiles

We offer:

a wide range of geotextile, geogrids and geocomposites for application in civil engineering

We guarantee:

top quality of our production and flexibility in realization of reinforcing, separating, protecting, and anti-erosion geosynthetics materials

We believe:

in success through satisfaction of our customers whom we help to achieve considerable economy in their projects

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